6 Essentials to Physical Health and Wellbeing


6 Essentials to Physical Health and Wellbeing

By Dr John Briffa

Clearly, our physical health and well-being is influenced by an enormous array of factors. In Dr John Briffa’s experience, however, the vast majority of health issues can be tracked back to a relatively small number of factors and imbalances.

Discover in ‘The 6 Essentials to Physical Health and Wellbeing’ the six major routes to vibrant health and well-being. Each chapter gives an in-depth explanation of the six essentials, and where relevant, includes questionnaires that can be used to identify what issues are relevant to you…

Download the the 6 Essentials to Physical Health and Wellbeing by Dr John Briffa now and understand:

  • The key role of oxygen in health and well-being and how to assess the efficiency and depth of your own breathing. Simple breathing exercises that can easily incorporated into one’s life are also described.
  • The vital role of water in essential balancing physiological and biochemical processes in the body, as well as nerve function. Explore the myriad of benefits water has for the body, including reduced risk of conditions such as heart disease and cancer, and get advice about the healthiest forms of water to consume, as well as how to tell if you’re drinking enough.
  • How the body can become polluted by an enormous array of substances manifesting in symptoms such as skin problems, fatigue and bad breath. Here, Dr John Briffa explores the major reasons for toxicity in the body including impaired liver function, food sensitivity, poor digestion and an overgrowth of the yeast organism Candida in the gut. Questionnaires designed to help identify these problems are includes plus specific advice on how to manage these issues using diet, supplements and other natural strategies.
  • The importance of maintaining sugar levels in the blood that, when unstable, can lead to short term symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, waking in the night and cravings for sweet foods. And in the long term – weight gain and type 2 diabetes. See how this issue is best identified, and get comprehensive advice about the natural steps that can be taken to restore blood sugar stability. Get information about the vital role of the adrenal glands – the chief organs responsible for dealing with stress in the body.
  • The body’s master-regulator of the metabolism – the thyroid gland. Understand how weakness in thyroid function can lead to symptoms such as weight gain, difficulty losing weight, dry skin, fatigue and low mood. Dr Briffa explores some of the causes and provides a questionnaire designed to help identify this problem. Advice about the management of low thyroid function, including conventional and natural approaches, is also given.
  • How to discover the right sort of activity and exercise for your health, how to incorporate them more easily into your life, as well as an all-over workout that can be done with no special equipment in the comfort of your own home.

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