6 Essentials to Emotional Health and Happiness


6 Essentials to Emotional Health and Happiness

By Dr John Briffa

Optimal health and well-being are not only the product of physical behaviours, but our mental behaviours and attitudes too. Our thoughts, and whether these are essentially positive or negative in nature, have an obvious impact on how we feel about ourselves, our lives and others. This not only has a bearing on our sense of peace and happiness, but can also have a profound impact on our physical state and health.

In this e-book, Dr John Briffa outlines some of the most important emotional and spiritual issues that can affect all aspects of health. This information is based on learnings and experiences from Dr Briffa’s own life, and the lives of his clients. Download this indispensable guide now for practical tools and tips to leading an empowered, healthier life and discover:

The key fundamentals to emotional well-being, such as truly knowing who you are, and honouring your true self.

  • How to get in touch with your essential self
  • The power of acting ‘congruently’ as a route to personal peace and happiness
  • How to trust your intuition – your ‘compass to help steer your path through life’ and learn how to make decisions NOT at the expense of your deepest feelings
  • What you can do to stop yearning for a better life at some point in the future and know all we have is ‘now’. Get simple tips on how to stay present-focused and extract maximum pleasure from the present moment.
  • How to use life as a mirror – get Dr Briffa’s advice on how to effect rapid change in your life, not through external control, but internal adjustment.
  • The benefits of seeing the positive in everything. Here, Dr Briffa explores the idea that nothing is inherently good or bad, it’s simply what we choose it to be. Using this concept as a tool, advice is given on how to turn any event or experience into a positive and learning experience in our lives.
  • The fundamentals of successful relationships and how to create a special and loving relationship with yourself!

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