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Podcast – 13th May 2011

Paleolithic diet and diabetes, thyoid disease and miscarriage, sunlight, vitamin D and Crohn’s disease For RSS feeds, click on and then the ‘RSS feeds’ button to the right. For help regarding the playing, downloading and subscribing of the podcasts, click here.

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Thyroid problems can be at the root of miscarriage and premature birth

In conventional medicine it is my experience that we tend to struggle a bit with the diagnosis and management of certain conditions, and near the top of the list (again, in my experience) is low thyroid function (hypothyroidism). Conventional wisdom dictates that ‘normal’ levels of thyroid hormones mean normal thyroid function. The ‘screening’ test for […]

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Lower-carb diet found to be better than a lower-fat one in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when many women become a bit more focused on what they are eating. I recently had a conversation with a newly-pregnant women who was also a type 1 diabetic (a condition in which natural production of insulin is inadequate, necessitating the injection of insulin). She has found her way to a […]

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L-carnitine found to boost sperm quality and fertility

I remember learning in medical school that one third of cases of infertility are exclusively down to the man, a third down to the woman, and a third were due to issues with both. If true, that means that two thirds of cases of infertility involve male infertility, which I think is a higher percentage […]

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Artificial sweeteners linked with pre-term delivery

Of all the foodstuffs that have limited nutritional value and the potential to cause harm, I put soft drinks near the top of the list. The sugar contained in regular beverages has been linked with a range of adverse effects on health including weight gain, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And artificial […]

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Selenium supplementation found to reduce risk of post-natal depression

Post natal depression or PND – sometimes referred to as post-partum depression – affects about 10 per cent of women after having a baby. You can read more about the condition here. From a nutritional perspective, one of the things that has been shown to help protect against PND are the so-called omega-3 fats found […]

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Low-GI diet helps women with PCOS, but is there something that might work better?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition characterised by multiples cysts in the ovaries, but also other symptoms such as hirsutism (abnormal hairiness) and acne that may result from higher than normal levels of androgens (‘male’ hormones) in the female body. I wrote about this condition back in 2003 (see here), where I made the […]

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Low GI diet halves need for insulin in pregnancy-related diabetes

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that occurs during pregnancy in women who were not previously diabetic. If left uncontrolled, it can have adverse effects on the developing foetus. Its treatment depends on the severity of the condition, with diet, oral medication and insulin being the three mainstay options. Insulin therapy is generally seen as the last […]

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Higher fat, rather than high-carb, diet appears to have benefits for nursing mothers and their babies

Partly because I have never and am never going to breastfeed, I am wary about advocating it. I do genuinely believe that women who want to benefit should be given every available support and encouragement. On the other hand, if a woman chooses not to breastfeed or cannot breastfeed for some reason, then as a […]

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Staying upright during childbirth found to reduce labour time as well as the need for epidural analgesia

This week, I have had babies on the brain. I think this might have something to do with the fact that I spent a large part of the weekend with a very good friend who is heavily pregnant with her first child. We spent a little time talking about her plans for the birth. The […]

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