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The heart-healthy benefits of walnuts

Whilst we are often encouraged to have concern for our cholesterol levels, it is seldom mentioned that one of the two main forms of cholesterol – known as ‘high density lipoprotein’ (HDL) cholesterol’- is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease consequences such as heart attacks and stroke. Also, while cholesterol reduction with commonly-used […]

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Is this the death of the body mass index (BMI) as a measure of body weight?

The fact that our collective mass has grown considerably of late has inevitably triggered warnings from health professionals about how this may swell our risk of weight-related conditions such as heart disease. Ideal weight recommendations traditionally come in the form of the body mass index (BMI) – calculated by dividing an individual’s weight in kilograms […]

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Sound advice for those who have acid relux at night

In a recent column I explored how keeping blood sugar levels stable in the small hours helps to promote restful sleep and reduces the risk of unwanted awakenings in the night. This week, I was reminded of another food-related influence on slumber by a study which found that many individuals with sleep issues suffer from […]

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Does echinacea really work for colds and flu?

As the cold season is upon us, and bird flu neurosis reaches fever pitch, there is a good chance increasing numbers of us will be looking at ways of protecting ourselves from viral invasion. One commonly used natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of the viral infections such as cold and flu is the […]

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Could omega-3 fats, be the answer for many individuals with depression and schizophrenia?

In a column last month I explored the link between dementia and a substance called homocysteine, and suggested that higher intakes of certain nutrients may lower the levels of this blood constituent and help keep our wits about us as we age. October also saw the publication of a study in the Archives of Neurology […]

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Practical advice for those wanting to construct healthy lunchboxes for their kids

The Government has recently announced that school dinners are to undergo a much-needed audit and overhaul. It seems that this particular move towards healthier eating has been come about, at least in part, as the result of Jamie Oliver’s efforts to highlight the generally woeful quality of food on offer in UK schools. Bearing in […]

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Hold the salt! Why cutting down on processed foods is the key to reducing salt in the diet

This month, renewed calls have come from health professionals for us to reduce the amount of salt we consume. Currently, the average salt intake for a UK adult stands at about 10 g per day, and recommendations are that we should cut our daily intake to no more than 6 g. It is believed that […]

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Preventing dementia by controlling homocysteine levels in the body

The rising popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK and a proliferation of body makeover shows on TV point to our increasing preoccupation in allaying the visible signs of ageing. While it seems that many of us have a desire to protect ourselves from any external evidence of ageing, my experience is that there is […]

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Cheese for supper and getting a good night’s sleep

It is a widespread belief that eating cheese before bedtime puts us at risk of having their sleep disrupted by disturbing dreams or nightmares. Recently, a trade organisation known as the British Cheese Board commissioned some research designed to establish the validity of cheese’s reputation as a poor choice of late night snack. This research, […]

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Treatment with zinc can help in the treatment of anorexia nervosa

With so much emphasis being placed these days on the mortal hazards of overweight and obesity, it can sometimes be easy to forget that unduly low body weight poses risks for health too. Sufferers of anorexia nervosa, for instance, can exhibit such extreme weight loss that hospital treatment is deemed necessary. It is well known, […]

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