Waist Disposal – the Ultimate Fat Loss Manual for Men


Are you carrying extra weight, especially around the midriff, that you’d like to get rid of?

Can you be confused by conflicting and contradictory weight loss information, and just want something that really works?

Do you want to transform the look and feel of your body, without having to turn your life upside down?

If you’re looking for a practical and easy-to-apply approach that provides long-lasting results, Waist Disposal is where you’ll find it. In his latest book, Dr John Briffa draws on hundreds of scientific studies to debunk popular myths about diet and exercise, and reveals the most effective way to lose fat and build an athletic physique.

Waist Disposal reveals:

  • the foods that, irrespective of calories, cause fatness, and the foods that don’t
  • why weight loss is not the goal, but fat loss is
  • why counting calories doesn’t work, and what does
  • how hunger scuppers fat loss, and which foods sate the appetite the best
  • how to get fit and toned with just twelve minutes of exercise a day
  • how to harness the power of your mind to accelerate your progress

An antidote to the bewildering mass of information on diet and fitness, Waist Disposal gives you all the tools you need to leave calorie-counting and strict regimes behind, and get the body you’ve always wanted.


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Waist Disposal


Introduction (click here to download the FREE Introduction)

  1. Toxic Waist – why your expanded waistline is more than just an eyesore
  2. The Calorie Trap – why counting calories is a waste of time
  3. Carb Loading – the real reason people get fat
  4. Fat Chance – why eating fat isn’t fattening
  5. Let Them Eat Steak – why protein is key for fat-loss success
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed – effective strategies for losing fat without feeling famished
  7. Sound Bites – what to eat for fast fat loss and optimal health
  8. Liquid Assets – the best beverages for weight and well-being
  9. Make A Meal of It – recipes, meal plans and practical tips for healthy eating success
  10. Muscle Bound – how to get fit and toned in just 12 minutes a day
  11. Mind Matters – how to harness the power of your mind to transform your body

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Amazon reviews

Exactly what it says on the cover. Buy this book.

Being a little on the larger size I have tried to lose an inch or two from around the waist over the past few years. I always end up feeling starving hungry and my weight doesn’t change much (if anything it goes up as I get more fed up with low cal / low fat food). This book explains why exercise (alone) doesn’t help and how to eat well and lose fat. It is well written and has good multi source references to back up the science which is easy to understand.

I followed the book and have lost about a stone in weight and more importantly do not feel hungry. If you are someone who always feels hungry on a diet, read this book. It will explain why, and will tell you what to do to stop it happening without being evangelical.

Excellent book – thoroughly recommended (even for women)

I bought this for my husband after searching online for a lifestyle health book. He has always been cynical about diets but I can honestly say that the facts contained within this book have transformed both of our eating habits (as I do the bulk of the cooking). We’ve both seen positive impact in our health and weight as a result of this book.
Waist Disposal is possibly the most useful book I’ve ever bought!

Best Weight Loss Book I’ve Read!

Quite simply, this is by far best the health/weight loss book for a man that I’ve read (and I’ve read a few!). The theory is both useful and interesting, and, more importantly, the food guidelines are practical and understandable. I recommend it to any man who struggles with weight loss. I’m not a physician or health care professional but my sense is that Dr Briffa’s advice is consistent with what the nutritionists, who are really basing their advice on facts and not on conventional, are recommending.

Does what it says on the box

Dr John Briffa has produced a fantastically written summary of where the nutrition world is heading. Completely supported by up-to-date science, clinical reasoning and experience, and plain old commonsense, Waist Disposal will be one of the best books you can read if you are serious about improving your health and well-being.

Helped me shed my spare tyre

Excellent book! I have lost 11.5kg and 11cm from my waist with the help of this no nonsense and easy to read book. With practical advice and clear explanations of the science behind it this book does exactly what it says. Dr John presents a healthy alternative to the fads – giving you the knowledge and tools to actually change your lifestyle and look and feel better. Are you serious about shedding the spare tyre, looking good and feeling great? Then get this book now!

Update – 19 June 2010

I have now lost 19Kg (that’s 3 stone) and 18cm from my waist and my body fat has nearly halved. For the first time in years I have abs! I have recommended this book to all my friends.

If you want to get slimmer and healthier then read this book!

When I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. It’s like having a good friend sitting with you and talking you through a common sense approach that will enable fat loss. The references to medically sound information and the science behind it all simply adds kudos.

I’ve been following the advice in this book and had some amazing results – I’ve shed 9 inches off my waist already and am well on my way to being slimmer and healthier!

In the past I’ve been confused by so many conflicting ‘weight loss’ messages and I’ve tried so many fad diets – all resulting in disappointment when I’ve found it hard to stick to them or to actually enjoy my food. Needless to say, I won’t be doing any fad diets ever again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat.

Thank you so much Dr Briffa for this fantastic book, it literally has changed my life.

Change your life – read this book

I am 59 and have steadily been getting heavier and heavier. Previously I have become disheartened when trying to lose weight as I was making little progress despite giving up things I liked. I lacked a systematic approach (and the self-discipline that goes with it) and this book provides the framework for success. No preaching – though some forthright ideas. Good, sound, practical advice written in a very accessible style gets results. I have lost 2 stone and 2 inches off my waist since April. If you are serious about your health and want to take control of your diet. BUY THIS BOOK.

The ultimate eating guide

Should be read by every person who is at all interested in healthy eating–takes a sledge hammer to many of the unhealthy eating habits of a life-time foisted on individuals by the medical and commercial world–you don’t have to be fat to benefit from the evidence based science to be found in this book–you just can’t go wrong with the advice put forward by Dr John Briffa!!!!!!!!!

No Longer Tired All the Time

I used to be chronically tired – I even woke up tired. None of the doctors that I saw over the years had an explanation for this. After reading this book, I concluded that Insulin production was the culprit due to my carbohydrate-laden (cereal, pasta, and bread) diet. A mere four weeks after following Dr Briffa’s recommendations (it’s not a diet book), I discovered that I no longer felt sleepy during the day. I haven’t eliminated anything from my diet and have instead drastically reduced the frequency with which I eat certain foods as well as increased the variety of what I eat. I also recommend ‘Life Without Bread: How a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life’ as a companion book if you want to delve deeper into the science aspect of a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

All makes sense

I’ve always been a Briffa fan so when my husband bought this book i decided to try the diet with him. We’re only a week into it so will have so see how we do but the encouraging thing is that the theory makes such good sense. John Briffa explains things clearly and logically and makes it all very easy to follow. I think it is the best diet book I’ve ever read – and I’ve looked at a lot – and so far we’re finding the regime delicious and easy to keep to. Highly recommended book from a writer you can really trust to tell the truth.

Believe the hype!

Being in my early 40s, like many men my age I was really bothered by the weight I had put round my waist. Exercising and trying low fat diets had little or no effect. By chance I came across the article in The Times a few weeks back and admittedly was a little sceptical at some of the claims. But here I am 4 weeks later and feel completely different. I am eating less but not hungry, sleeping better and more importantly losing that paunch I had developed. I even emailed John with a couple of questions and he replied the very next day-brilliant! To sum up, a book that does what it claims to do -no gimmicks and realistic goals that anyone can achieve -the best few quid I have spent in ages. Buy this book!

Gives you more energy

I went into this wanting to lose fat around my belly. Lo and behold the book did what it says on the tin. The book also provides useful carefully-researched knowledge about what effects different foods have on our body, rather than the biased information delivered to us by the food industry.

But, for me, the most important benefits of this way of eating are: [i] eliminating ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in energy throughout the day, i.e. not needing that afternoon coffee to pick oneself up; and [ii] enjoying one’s food more(!), this diet is tasty and one feels like one is treating oneself all the time whilst becoming leaner.
It’s worth a read even if you’re skeptical, not least because it’s well written and not confusing.

This is a ground-breaking and helpful book

I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and read it from cover to cover over a week-end. It’s fascinating, enjoyable and helpful. I’ve always been interested in healthy eating but my husband wants to lose some weight – he’s lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks by just cutting out carbs in the evenings. However, I’ve embraced the concept for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I can’t believe how easy it’s been to adopt this way of eating and how satisfying it is too – you really aren’t hungry if you eat in this, more natural, way.

I think that everyone ought to read this book, whether they are trying to lose weight or not as there are so many additional health benefits. And, as it’s not “faddy”, it’s a sustainable way of living healthily for the rest of your life. Not that you can’t have the odd “treat” but Dr Briffa says that if you can do it for 80% of the time, then that’s a good target to aim for.

I highly recommend this book.

A fascinating and practical read

A proper diet shouldn’t leave you hungry, nor fool the body into laying down excess fat. Maybe that sounds obvious, but it was a revelation to me how and why I should change my diet. Early results are encouraging: I’m losing fat, I have more energy, no more cravings for carbohydrates, and my food is delicious.

Thank you Dr. Briffa!

Great read and motivator

I really enjoyed this book It is easy to follow and motivating. I bought into the guidelines and in 8 weeks I have lost 3 inches off my waist and dropped 7kg in weight.And it works at any age – I am 73. The tough part was cutting back steeply on alcohol. Now I am addicted to lime and soda!

I earnestly recommend this book to any man who,like me,knows that he needs to get a grip on his expanding waistline but until now has not found the motivation to do so.

The great part is that there is no going hungry – you just change to equally delicious healthy food.


Like many men I would not by any means be considered overweight or obese to any degree. However also like many I experienced an accumulation of excess fat around the middle. Being sceptical about the plethora of diet books suggesting dietary solutions, I was curious about the approach of Dr Briffa to this problem and subsequently purchased Waist Disposal. I have to say that I found the book of great value given its commonsense approach with clear jargon free writing and the fact that the points put forward were supported by sound research findings. Without doubt this goes beyond diets and provides a better eating lifestyle without any hardship when the suggested principles are applied.

In my opinion when followed one can both feel and see the difference and I commend Dr Briffa for putting forward this book and would recommend it to anyone.

Lasting benefits – and weight loss too

The sheer joy of giving up calorie counting and being relaxed about eating again!

The book is well written and the advice is surprisingly easy to follow.
Weight loss, waistline reduction, increased energy and no mood swings – this approach works quickly (which is really encouraging) and has lasting benefits.

A real eye opener…

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Dr Briffa during a presentation he held that was organised by my workplace and have since been a regular visitor to his website where I have found his blogs a great read. Once I discovered that Dr Briffa had brought this new book out, it was immediately in my shopping basket and has since been somewhat of a manual in my strive to improving my general health.

The content in the book is ideal for those who, like me, have an inquisitive nature and would like to know exactly why the advice is beneficial to my health. After following this advice for some time now, I am really finding that I notice the benefit and do not at all miss many of the foods I once looked to for sustainance.

Post purchasing and reading the book, I have also found Dr Briffa most helpful with a quick question I had and as such, would thoroughly recommend it.

Does exactly what it says

Back into 38 inch waist trousers, from 42, in only 5 weeks. It’s really great eating what I enjoy and feeling more enerjetic as well.

Waist Disposal is not a waste of money, it works

I read this book after a review in The Times newspaper and whilst having a healthy skepticism I decided to try the regime. I’m now three weeks in and 10 pounds lighter. I don’t miss the carbs, although avoiding the beer as recommended is difficult, however expolring the wine is OK. You do need to be creative with your meals but thats no bad thing.

This diet works and Dr John Briffa debunks a lot of conventional received wisdom with plain fact. I plan to eat like this for the rest of my days, I’m only 43!

Read his forum and blog if you want too, but I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

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