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Dr John Briffa

I’m a naturally-oriented medical doctor, author and speaker. My work is dedicated to providing honest and trustworthy holistic health advice that can be used to combat and prevent illness, overcome everyday ailments, enhance energy and bring a greater sense of wellbeing. The advice and information you’ll find on this site is based on a mix of published as well as what I’ve learned works (and does not work) during 20 years of clinical practice as a doctor.

My regularly updated blog covers a wide range of health-related topics and advice. You can browse the 1000+ articles and podcasts on the site by accessing the blog archive. You can sign-up for my free weekly e-newsletter which summarises the posts from the preceding week. Sign-up here to also receive a free comprehensive e-book on natural approaches to over 150 ailments and symptoms.

I have authored eight health books, the latest of which is Escape the Diet Trap – a guide to sustained weight loss without calorie-counting, extensive exercise or hunger. You can purchase the book from amazon here.

There are also ebooks and audiobooks available which contain information and advice designed to help you become and stay healthy in the easiest and most practical ways.

If you’re interested in learning more about how nutritional and other naturally-oriented strategies can be used to enhance the energy, effectiveness and sustainability of individuals within businesses and organisations, please see the section entitled Fit for Business.

To your good health!

Dr John Briffa