Nutrinalysis the on-line nutrition profiling tool



Would you like take control of your health and wellbeing, but find that conflicting information and advice about diet can leave you unsure about how to do this?

Are you fed up with dieting, and just want something that will solve your weight issue for good?

Are you looking for an approach that embraces the fact that the ideal diet for you may not be the same as for someone else?

Would you like access to all the nutritional information youre ever likely to need in one place, in a form that is easy-to-understand and apply?


NUTRINALYSIS takes the guesswork out of healthy eating

NUTRINALYSIS™ is a unique, individualised on-line nutrition profiling tool that reveals the best foods for optimising your health, energy, wellbeing and weight. It has been developed by Dr John Briffa, an award-winning doctor, writer and international speaker, and one of the UKs leading authorities on the diet and health. You can learn more about Dr Briffa here .

The answers you give to a comprehensive on-line questionnaire about your diet, attitudes to food and wellbeing are used to give you personalised dietary advice designed to boost your energy and wellbeing.

NUTRINALYSIS™ embraces the concept of biochemical individuality the fact that nutritional needs vary from person to person. A specially designed questionnaire, based on the science of metabolic typing is also used to identify the diet that best suits your own particular physiology. You may be a person who would thrive on a diet relatively rich in protein and fat. On the other hand, a lighter diet might suit you best. Perhaps your nutritional needs are somewhere in between. NUTRINALYSIS™ takes the guesswork out of discovering the ideal diet for you.

NUTRINALYSIS separates science fact from science fiction

But theres more to NUTRINALSYIS™ than this. Along with your individualised report, you will gain access to all of the information on which the report is based as well as a wealth of general nutritional information. Based on more than 300 scientific references, this information represents a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for anyone committed to educating themselves about what it really means to eat a healthy diet. Stripped bare of a number of nutritional myths, the knowledge contained here will allow you to make confident, informed choices about what you and your family eat for the very best of health.

What can NUTRINALYSIS do for you?

What we eat has a profound and critical influence on every aspect of health and wellbeing. Even deceptively simple changes in what we eat, as long as they are the right changes, can lead to a transformation in health and wellbeing. Some of the likely benefits for you include:

  • Enhanced physical and mental energy
  • Better mood, and improved mood stability
  • Improved effectiveness and productivity
  • Improved weight control without dieting or going hungry
  • Resolution of health issues including fatigue, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and difficulty sleeping
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Reduced risk of sickness and chronic disease in the long term

Imagine what it would feel like to feel healthier and more energised, and what a difference that would make to your life and the lives of those around you?

NUTRINALYSIS™ is also available to organisations. For more about this, and the benefits for organisations, click here.

The comprehensive information contained in NUTRINALYSIS™ will allow you to answer whatever lingering questions you may have about specific foods and their effect on health and wellbeing. For just a small selection of some of the nutritional conundrums NUTRINALYSIS™ answers see here. And for some examples of things that NUTRINALYSIS™ can teach you that you may not already know, see here.

All your nutritional questions answered, once and for all

Because nutrition advice can be conflicting and confusing, we can end up with questions in our mind regarding many aspects healthy eating. NUTRINALYSIS™ provides comprehensive, science-backed information and advice that answers in plain and simple terms major nutritional questions including:

  • Which is really better, butter or margarine?
  • Are artificial sweeteners a healthy alternative to sugar?
  • Is eating fat inherently fattening?
  • Should starchy carbohydrates be a staple food in the diet?
  • Is eating plenty of fruit good for everyone?
  • Is coffee bad for us, or might it actually have some benefits for health?
  • Is it good or bad to snack in between meals?
  • Is a vegetarian diet really healthier than one that includes meat and fish?
  • Is organic food actually any healthier than non-organic?

What will NUTRINALYSIS teach you that you dont know already?

NUTRINALYSIS™ is designed to give you a comprehensive and broad-ranging nutritional education quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Read and absorb its information and advice and you can learn to be your own nutritionist, in an hour or less!

Some of the key facts NUTRINALYSIS™ will teach you include:

  • How different types of calorie are metabolised differently in the body, and how to discover which foods your body burns the best
  • Which food groups to emphasise, taking into account your specific metabolic type, to optimise your weight and health
  • Which foods, calorie for calorie, are the most satisfying, and the importance of this if you want to put a natural brake on your appetite
  • The one food to avoid at lunch if you want to enjoy an energised, productive afternoon
  • How to gauge precisely how much water you need to drink to keep your body properly hydrated and at peak performance
  • How to prevent overeating in the evening without going hungry
  • The low-fat foods that have been shown to predispose us to weight gain and diabetes
  • The ideal foods to eat, given your individual nutritional needs, for optimal energy levels, effectiveness and productivity

What does it cost?

NUTRINALYSIS retails for £37 (British pounds).

This is what you get for your money:

  • An individualised report, giving specific advice about the dietary changes you can use to transform your health, wellbeing and, if appropriate, weight.
  • Identification of your own metabolic type, and how to tailor your diet to suit your own nutritional needs.
  • Access to comprehensive, science-based information about all aspects of healthy eating including the all the common foods and beverages (good and bad) as well as eating pattern (including a full list of scientific references).
  • Lifelong confidence about what it truly means to eat a healthy diet, and the benefits this can have for you and your loved ones.

Compare this cost to say, one or perhaps multiple visits to a nutritionist. Think about how much you might have spent on nutrition books and seminars over the years. For a moment, contemplate what the information and advice NUTRINALYSIS™ offers may do for your health, and possibly the health of those you care for?

NUTRINALYSIS™ comes with a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If, within 30 days of applying the advice and knowledge contained within NUTRINALYSIS you feel you have not had value for money, then just tell us and we’ll give you a 100 per cent refund – no questions asked.

NUTRINALYSIS in the workplace

NUTRINALYSIS is highly cost-effective tool that can be used to optimise employee energy, wellbeing and general health quickly and efficiently. Discounts are available for numbers of 100 or more. For more details, email

Some of the benefits to organisations include:

  • Improved image in the eyes of customers and clients
  • Enhanced energy and liveliness in a workforce can be attractive to clients and customers, and assists in the gaining and retaining of business.
  • Enhanced reputation as a preferred employer
  • Companies that support their employees with regard to sustainable work practices may be viewed positively, and may attract key talent as a result.
  • Reduced absenteeism due to sickness
  • Reduced absenteeism from short- or long-term illness saves money, enhances productivity and reduces the burden on individuals in the workforce.
  • Reduced staff turnover and attrition of highly trained talent
  • Recruiting staff is generally an expensive process. There are indirect costs involved too, especially if a firm has invested heavily in the training of senior employees. Reduced staff turnover offers savings in both of these areas.
  • Improved Morale
  • Recognition by individuals that their employer is investing in their health and wellbeing can improve morale. This can serves to improve performance and also engenders a sense of loyalty.
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced energy, wellbeing and liveliness all help to ensure optimised productivity.
  • Improved revenue and profitability
  • All the benefits listed here can impact positively on an organisations bottom line. Wellness initiatives can deliver substantial return on investment (see below).

For more details regarding NUTRINALYSIS™ in the workplace, including details of discounts, email