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Podcast – 10th June 2011

Cholesterol drug ezetimibe appears to do more harm than good, screening for ovarian cancer doesn’t work, and vitamin D linked with reduced risk of infection. For RSS feeds, click on and then the ‘RSS feeds’ button to the right. For help regarding the playing, downloading and subscribing of the podcasts, click here.

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More evidence links higher vitamin D with lower risk of infection

Infections such as cold, flu and chest infections are generally more common in the winter. One traditional explanation for this is that when the weather is cold, people spend more time indoors. The more time people spend with each other in close confinement, the more likely they are to catch something, as well as pass […]

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Podcast – 20th May 2011

Vitamin D boosts wellbeing in the elderly, the nonsense of ‘normal’ ranges, and why the ‘broadening of disease’ can be good business for drug companies but leave ordinary people worse off. For RSS feeds, click on and then the ‘RSS feeds’ button to the right. For help regarding the playing, downloading and subscribing of […]

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Vitamin D found to boost functioning in the elderly

Vitamin D (actually, a hormone) appears to play a wide variety of roles in health and disease. Back in 2007 I reported on a study which found that higher levels of vitamin D were associated with better physical functioning in the elderly over time. This may not come as too much of a surprise when […]

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Nutrient supplementation helps symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

Diabetes is a condition characterised by raised levels of glucose in the bloodstream. In time, diabetes can lead to damage to tissues that can result in complications such as visual deterioration and blindness, kidney disease and nerve damage. One manifestation of nerve damage is ‘peripheral neuropathy’. This usually affects the feet and lower legs, and […]

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Probiotic pessaries and other remedies for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are quite-common in women, though they can affect men too. Normally, the cause of these infections appears to be organisms (such as E. coli) making their way up the urethra (the pipe taking urine from the bladder to the outside) into the bladder where they can ‘set up camp’ on the bladder […]

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Podcast – 15th April 2011

A round-up of all this week’s blog posts (including exercise and the brain, iodine deficiency and thyroid function and the hazards of modern medicine, as well as an answer to a listener’s question regarding how to treat iron deficiency in pregnancy.

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UK study highlights iodine deficiency problem

The conventional view is that obesity is the result of eating too much and/or not being active enough. I don’t quite subscribe to this view myself, as I see body weight as the result of a complex interplay between a variety of factors including the form calories come in the diet and hormonal factors. One […]

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Vitamin D-fortified yoghurt improves weight and blood sugar control in diabetics

Previously in this blog I have covered some of the evidence linking vitamin D with positive health outcomes, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and several forms of cancer. Vitamin D has also been linked with diabetes, in that some studies have found those with higher levels of vitamin D to be a reduced […]

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Newspaper article reminds us of red meat’s nutritional value

Red meat is one of the foods that, on the whole, tends not to get a vote of confidence from health agencies and health professionals. The case against this food is mainly based on the (I think, misguided) belief that eating saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. After this, we have the idea that […]

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