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Coffee drinking has biochemical benefits for the body

Coffee, despite its not-so-healthy reputation, has been quite consistently linked in the scientific literature with benefits for health including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. See here, here, here, and here. While the research regarding the effects of coffee on health is voluminous, the great majority of it comes in the form […]

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Why are there a lot of redheads in Scotland?

Earlier today, I came across this story in the on-line version of the Daily Mail (UK) which reports on a theory relating to why the Scotland enjoys a preponderance of redheads. The theory, which the originator herself describes as ‘speculation’, is that a combination of the ‘bad weather’ in Scotland, coupled with a genetic mutation, […]

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Article reminds us of the importance of focusing on drug effects on health (not cholesterol)

Back in November I wrote about a study which, like others that came before it, casts doubt about the benefits of cholesterol reduction. In this study, combining a stating with ezetimibe (which reduces cholesterol absorption from the gut) produced less favourable outcomes than a statin coupled with niacin (vitamin B3) in terms of arterial health. […]

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