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A slightly more personal message than usual as reaches the 500 mark

Today’s blog is actually’s 500th article. Right from the outset, my aim with has been to use it as a portal for giving trustworthy and accurate advice about a broad range of topics that relate to health and wellbeing. In order to do this, I try and mix what can be learned from […]

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God bless Allen Carr and my big brother Joe

Allen Carr died on 29th November 2006 of lung cancer. Though I never met him, this man touched my life in a very special way. It was reading his book ‘The Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ that led me to kick the habit exactly 20 years ago to this day. I started smoking when I […]

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5 facts about me I wouldn’t normally publicise!

There is a phenomenon circulating on the web at the moment, known as ‘tagging’. Basically, this entails someone with a web presence (usually a blogger) reveals five little-known things about themselves on their site, and then ‘tags’ other individuals who may then do the same. Is this making sense? Anyway, I got tagged recently, and […]

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