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Kid’s breakfast cereals are notoriously rubbishy – what can you feed them in the morning that really sets them up for the day?

Recently, I have noticed a spate of adverts which suggest that eating a bowlful of cereal in the morning can help kids’ concentration. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently received several complaints about one such advert claiming that ‘Studies show a breakfast like Shreddies helps give kids the mental energy they need to stay involved […]

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Alleviating repetitive strain injury (RSI) naturally

With mobile phones making their way into younger and younger hands, I suspect increasing numbers of parents will be feeling some concern about the costs associated with these contraptions. However, according to a recent report, mobile phone users may have a price to pay that is not merely financial: the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) […]

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Sunlight, malignant melanoma, and the healing powers of vitamin D

Despite perennial warnings regarding the capacity of ultra-violet light to induce skin cancer, plenty of us are still to be found soaking it up the sun when the opportunity arises. I was interested to read some recent research from America which suggests that many individuals keen on sporting a tan exhibit signs of addiction to […]

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Could folic acid help prevent Down’s syndrome?

Folic acid enjoys a reputation as the pre-eminent pregnancy nutrient, one that is based on its ability to help ward against what are known as neural tube defects (NTDs) such as spina bifida. However, recent evidence suggests that folic acid may have broader benefits for babies: a study has suggested that adequate levels of folate […]

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The appetite-sating power or protein

It wasn’t so long ago that the controversial Atkins diet was a rip-roaring success on both sides of the Atlantic, as evidenced by spectacular sales of not just books, but also Atkins food products such as snack bars and shakes. However, increasing competition and a reduced appetite for the extreme of the Atkins diet have […]

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The health benefits of chocolate

Mars has recently announced that it is looking to branch out beyond the manufacture of foods and into the area of pharmaceuticals. The company, famed for its chocolate confectionery, is planning to exploit the health benefits that have been attributed to cocoa-components known as flavonols. These compounds have been found to have a number of […]

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Could vinegar actually reduce the tendency of certain foods to cause weight gain?

Whilst I endeavour to eat a broadly healthy diet, the hedonist in me sometimes surfaces and urges me to eat something I know is somewhat suspect from a nutritional standpoint. From time to time, for instance, I like to indulge in some fish and chips. As it happens, my local chippy does offer salmon and […]

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The declining nutritonal state of our diet

Tomorrow sees the coming into force of the Food Supplements Directive – a piece of Eurocratic legislation which, once fully implemented, is likely to see the banning of dozens of nutrients from use in supplements, and also threatens to impose quite strict limits on the permitted dosages of the nutrients that remain. This directive is […]

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From my post-bag – a selection of questions about PMS, carrots, heart attacks and salt

Ask the experts I get a very mixed bag of mail, though the layout of the column precludes me from giving answers that require less or more space than dictated by design. While I can often tackle weightier matters in the body of my page, this week gives me a welcome opportunity to respond to […]

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Can vitamin C cure the common cold?

Over the years, vitamin C has established itself as the pre-eminent nutrient for combating the common cold. Some individuals regularly take supplements of this vitamin in the belief that this will reduce their risk of succumbing to the sniffles or something more serious. Others will load up on vitamin C once an infection has taken […]

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