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Reducing The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Statistics show that more and more men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer over the last twenty years, and the disease is now the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Yet, despite these gloomy statistics, there is hope on the horizon. Mounting evidence suggests that the risk of prostate cancer is […]

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Acne – The Natural Approach

The skin condition acne is often unsightly and may cause considerable distress sufferers. While acne is most common around the time of puberty, it is not uncommon for it to affect individuals, women in particular, well into their twenties and thirties. One of the mainstay medical treatments for acne is antibiotics. However, Swedish research presented […]

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Green Tea’s Cancer-Protective Effects

With cancer rates set to double by the year 2020, it makes sense to do anything we can to reduce our risk. The World Health Organisation has declared that perhaps 70 p.c. of cancers are diet-related. Over the last decade there has been growing interest in the cancer-protective properties of certain foods and drinks. One […]

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Preventing Sight Degeneration

Many of us will be aware that eating carrots can help us see in the dark. The beta-carotene contained in carrots can convert into vitamin A which has a critical role to play in night vision. Yet, while this nutritional nugget may well be entrenched in our consciousness, what is less well known is that […]

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The Health Giving Properties Of Sunlight

Pretty much all of us will have got the message by now that too much sunlight can cause skin cancer. However, a recent study conducted by leading cancer charity the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) suggests that not all of us are taking heed of the advice to be wary of the sun. According to […]

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Does Fibre Protect Us From Colon Cancer?

While many of us may be committed to the idea of eating a healthy diet, it can often be difficult knowing precisely what that is. There’s a tremendous amount of information out there on diet and nutrition but, to be frank, much of it is conflicting and contradictory. More confusion was added to the area […]

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Natural Treatments For Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is a condition characterised by narrowing of the arteries which supply blood to the legs. Mild cases of PVD may cause nothing more serious than sluggish circulation and cold feet. However, as the disease progresses it may give rise to more serious complications such as ulcers and pain in the calf […]

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H.Pylori and Stomach Ulcers

Last month, The Lancet highlighted the work of Barry Marshall and Robin Warren ” the doctors who discovered the organism known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). H. pylori is now known to be the causative factor in many ulcers that occur in or just after the stomach. H. pylori has also been associated with an […]

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Preserving The Function Of The Brain As We Age

Many of us dread the thought of losing our mental faculties as we age. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to believe that our chances of succumbing to problems with mental function or dementia is pretty much down to the luck of the draw and a natural part of the ageing process. However, there […]

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Depression and Diet

In the last few years, the herb St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) has received much acclaim as an antidepressant. Several studies prove its medicinal effect, and there is evidence that it is every bit as good an antidepressant as conventional drugs such as Prozac. Yet, while St John’s Wort is clearly a valuable weapon in […]

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