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Podcast – 13th May 2011

Paleolithic diet and diabetes, thyoid disease and miscarriage, sunlight, vitamin D and Crohn’s disease For RSS feeds, click on and then the ‘RSS feeds’ button to the right. For help regarding the playing, downloading and subscribing of the podcasts, click here.

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Long-term behavioural problems in adolescents linked with low stress hormone levels. Why?

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, and are the chief glands in the body responsible for the body’s response to stress. In short, when our brain senses stress it signals the adrenal glands to produce hormones such as adrenaline (ephinephrine) and cortisol. These hormones allow the body to respond to stress. Once […]

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FDA discourages women from sharing breast milk (though freeze-dried, highly processed cow’s milk is fine)

Yesterday I was having a conversation at dinner with a lady and the subject of milk-drinking came up. While women have generally been utterly persuaded that milk (and other dairy products) are somehow essential to bone health. Paleontological evidence suggests that we had no bone problems to speak of prior to the introduction of dairy […]

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More unscientific claims made for the ‘benefits’ of flu vaccination

No sooner had I written about the fact that the science shows flu vaccination to be a largely pointless exercise, that I came across this on-line piece in the Los Angeles Times telling readers that flu vaccination “help[s] prevent babies from getting sick.” The article goes on to state that the flu vaccination “was effective […]

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Lower-carb diet found to be better than a lower-fat one in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when many women become a bit more focused on what they are eating. I recently had a conversation with a newly-pregnant women who was also a type 1 diabetic (a condition in which natural production of insulin is inadequate, necessitating the injection of insulin). She has found her way to a […]

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Another reason to avoid eating too much fructose

One of the emerging themes in nutrition over the last decade has been just how toxic the sugar fructose can be to the body. This sugar, originally touted as ‘healthy’ as a result of the fact that it was found in fruit and did not raise blood sugar levels in the short term, has been […]

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Sedentary behaviour does not lead to weight gain (it’s the other way round)

I think it’s true that our preconceived ideas about something can make us somewhat rigid in our thinking and generally unable to consider other possibilities. By way of example, I’d like to recount an experience I had shortly after delivering a presentation in Edam in the Netherlands. During the presentation, I had been detailing some […]

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Artificial sweeteners linked with pre-term delivery

Of all the foodstuffs that have limited nutritional value and the potential to cause harm, I put soft drinks near the top of the list. The sugar contained in regular beverages has been linked with a range of adverse effects on health including weight gain, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And artificial […]

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Selenium supplementation found to reduce risk of post-natal depression

Post natal depression or PND – sometimes referred to as post-partum depression – affects about 10 per cent of women after having a baby. You can read more about the condition here. From a nutritional perspective, one of the things that has been shown to help protect against PND are the so-called omega-3 fats found […]

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‘Food for Thought’ – nutritional advice for those preparing for and taking exams

My girlfriend and I have had a guest staying this week. He is Swiss and is in London for an exam which has something to do with international tax law (it’s all a bit above my head, I’m afraid). Last night the three of us were eating together – our last supper before our guest […]

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