Podcast – 3rd December 2012

Aspartame and cancer, flu vaccination and ask me what my cholesterol level is.

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  1. kem 6 December 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    I recently let the local surgery nurse take blood for screening (I aked her not to do a PSA… she did anyway. It was lower than two years ago btw) and guess what, none of the lipids had changed in two years. Was I surprised? Eating only about 20% of calories from carbohydrates one would expect the trigs to be low, the HDL elevated and, of course, the LDL and total to have the danger signal (0.6, 2.1, 3.9 and 6.3 respectively)

    What I didn’t expect was the GP lookng at the result and saying “Your triglycerides are very low and HDL is quite high, nothing to worry about”, completely ignoring the lab generated warnings. Good, eh?

  2. Fiona 9 December 2012 at 2:47 am #

    Regarding flu vaccination, because I have fairly mild asthma (treated with Seretide and Ventolin) and am in my seventies, my practice nurse insists that I have the vaccination (also that I should use an Aerochamber to administer the medication although I know that as a singer I am quite capable of breathing to the bottom of my lungs). Is there any evidence that I am at greater risk of being seriously damaged by flu? I’ve certainly had a persistent cough for many weeks. But so have many people here in London: have they all had the flu jab or is it ‘something that’s going round’?

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