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Sunlight, malignant melanoma, and the healing powers of vitamin D

Despite perennial warnings regarding the capacity of ultra-violet light to induce skin cancer, plenty of us are still to be found soaking it up the sun when the opportunity arises. I was interested to read some recent research from America which suggests that many individuals keen on sporting a tan exhibit signs of addiction to […]

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Vitamin D and its role in preventing and treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

The dwindling daylight hours that inevitably come at this time of year are usually viewed with some dread by sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a condition in which a shortage of sun can provoke anything from dark moods to full-blown depression. In addition to the light relief offered by increased exposure to the […]

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Combating seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Not many of us will relish the contracted days and long nights the winter months bring. However, for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the darkened skies that accompany this time of year can often be viewed with particular dread. SAD, a depressive condition triggered by low levels of sunlight, is thought to affect more […]

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Protecting ourselves from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays

For something as natural as the day is long, sunlight seems to get some pretty bad press. This time of year is usually accompanied by a rash of articles and news stories warning us of the perils of the sun’s rays, and experts are quick to draw out attention to the dangers of sunburn and […]

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Can sunning yourself actually protect you from cancer?

The spell of half-decent weather we’ve had of late is a sure sign that spring is well into its stride and summer is just around the corner. Personally, I greet this time of year with relish. For as long as I can remember, sunshine has had a strong allure for me, and I generally take […]

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