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L-carnitine found to boost sperm quality and fertility

I remember learning in medical school that one third of cases of infertility are exclusively down to the man, a third down to the woman, and a third were due to issues with both. If true, that means that two thirds of cases of infertility involve male infertility, which I think is a higher percentage […]

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My new book – Waist Disposal – now available!

My 7th book, Waist Disposal – the Ultimate Fat Loss Manual for Men, has recently been published. The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory. The book provides comprehensive nutritional advice (naturally) on how to achieve meaningful, sustainable weight loss, but also includes information on exercise and psychology too. Information about the book here can […]

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Prostate cancer screening called into question

Screening for illness is based on a simple concept: catch the disease early and more timely treatment will (inevitably) lead to better outcomes. However, as with most things in life, things turn out to be not a clear-cut as they sometimes seem. Tests are not foolproof, of course. And sometimes tests can detect things that […]

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My personal fat loss experience and forthcoming book

I have since last June been undertaking a bit of a personal experiment. Over couple of years I’d found I’d somehow managed to accumulate some added fat to my midriff. At 43, I suppose ‘middle-aged’ spread might have had something to do with it. But also when I looked at my diet with as much […]

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High GI carbs again implicated in cardiovascular disease

A key underlying factor in cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease and stroke is a process known as atherosclerosis (also known as arteriosclerosis), which is essentially a furring up of arteries with a fatty ‘plaque’. For decades now, we’ve had it instilled in us that the chief dietary factor influencing atherosclerosis is fat, which saturated […]

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Taking up exercise in middle-age appears to give a handsome return on investment

Physical activity is often advocated for improved health, and there’s a considerable body of evidence which supports this. For example, studies have linked regular physical activity and/or exercise with a reduced risk of chronic, life-threatening conditions including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. There has even been some research that has linked physical activity with […]

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Short bursts of high intensity activity found to improve body’s ability to handle sugar

Most people understand and appreciate that physical activity is generally a good thing for health and wellbeing. The reality is, though, that many of us are quite sedentary. And a big reason for this relates to time, and specifically our sometimes perception that that there are, really, not enough hours in the day. However, there […]

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Middle-aged and elderly men with urinary symptoms may not have a prostate problem, but a nutrient deficiency

When men middle-aged or elderly men have some difficulty with urination, their doctor’s attention will usually focus on their prostate ” the gland that encircles the pipe that takes urine from the bladder to the outside (the urethra). An enlarged prostate can impinge on the outflow of urine from the bladder and therefore cause symptoms […]

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Research links coffee and tea consumption with reduced stroke risk in men

Last month, one of my blog posts featured recent research which has linked the consumption of coffee with a reduced risk of death in women. The improved survival seen here appeared to essentially be down to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (of which heart attacks and strokes are the most common forms). This research […]

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Research shows that protein-rich, low-carb diets are most effective for sating the appetite

You don’t have to wait too long before reading some statistic or other that tells us about how rates of obesity are soaring left, right and centre. As ever, though, the advice to ‘eat less and exercise more’ remains the same. That’s a shame, seeing as there is abundant evidence that neither of these approaches […]

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