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Podcast – 16th September 2011

Why the state of Dr Robert Atkins’ coronary arteries and general health when he died are irrelevant, thorough chewing food can help curb a tendency to overeat, scientific evidence appears to be getting steadily more unreliable. For RSS feeds, click on and then the ‘RSS feeds’ button to the right. For help regarding the […]

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Walking is ‘doable’ and beneficial

I am a fan of exercise, but recognise that not everyone is. The fact is, many of us have barriers to it. One major barrier relates to some people’s belief the fact that exercise, to be beneficial, needs to be hard work. Some simply don’t relish the uncomfortable sensations that exercise can bring. Also, to […]

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Disrupted sleep can stop you burning fat

I’m a huge advocate of sleep. There is a mass of evidence which bears testament to the importance of sleep’s role in physical and psychological wellbeing. The other thing is – it’s free. In recent years there has been growing interest in the scientific community regarding the relationship sleep has with risk of obesity. Generally, […]

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Protein and amino acid supplementation enhance muscle size and strength

In my life and work I commonly come across men who are keen on being stronger and more muscular, and will ask about the sort of diet that might help them achieve their ends. Perhaps not surprisingly, I recommend a diet relatively rich in protein, seeing as protein is a major component in muscle. For […]

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Antioxidant supplementation found to boost fertility in ‘subfertile’ men

Infertility is not an insignificant problem, and sperm-related issues play a part in about half of all cases. Low levels or sperm numbers, malformed sperms and sperms that are not mobile enough all can contribute to ‘subfertility’ in men. One factor that is thought can lead to sperm issues is ‘oxidative stress’ – essentially damage […]

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A Brief Fat Loss Guide for Men (or Women)

Yesterday, the Weekend magazine of The Times newspaper here in the UK were kind enough to run a piece I wrote for them about weight loss. It went into a special feature they’d put together on matters male. The piece is, essentially, a precis of my book Waist Disposal – the Ultimate Fat Loss Manual […]

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Think bran is good for the bowels? Think again

My blog on Christmas eve (My nutritional Christmas wish list) detailed 14 things I feel should be more widely known including the facts that saturated fat is not linked in any meaningful way with heart disease and there’s no good evidence that margarine is healthier than butter. Another was that there’s no good evidence that […]

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Primal diet found to be more satisfying than a Mediterranean one

For many of us, this time of year brings with it generally greater opportunity to eat more than is strictly necessary. While I do not particularly believe in sacrifice or deprivation, I do think it’s useful to be aware of strategies that can be used to prevent over-consumption of food and drink with ease and, […]

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Some reasons why exercise may not translate into weight loss

Earlier this month one of my posts focused on a study which tested the effect of exercise on weight loss in women. This year-long study found that, on average, the women needed to exercise for 77 hours to lose a kg of fat. Now, if I said I had pretty-much foolproof way of getting a […]

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Fish-eating linked with a reduced risk of death from prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in the Western world. However, many of these cancers are slow growing, and do not prove to be fatal. Many men, actually, will die with prostate cancer that never showed itself when they were alive. However, prostate cancer can and does kill with enough […]

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