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The health benefits of strawberries

The last decade or so has seen me undergo considerable nutritional rehabilitation. The diet pervaded by utter shite that I subsisted on as a student has given way to one consisting largely of natural and unprocessed foods. In recent times I have also become inclined to be more choosy not just about what food I […]

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Omega-3 fats show promise in the treatment of depression

Recent years have seen medical journal editors become increasingly critical of certain goings-on in the world of pharmaceutical research. One dubious practice that has received some attention of late is the tendency for drug companies to publish and publicise positive studies on their products, while at the same time ‘burying’ less encouraging data. An example […]

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The health benefits of green tea

We British do seem to have an insatiable appetite for foreign cuisine, and one country whose traditional fare seems to have made a successful migration to these shores is Japan. While taste and fashion are likely to be driving forces in the rising popularity of Japanese food in these parts, my suspicion is that another […]

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Natural cures for cold sores

Nutritional science seems to churn out a perennial crop of research demonstrating the health benefits to be had by consuming a decent daily quota of vegetables. Certain vegetables on which particular praise has been heaped by researchers are those of the brassica class, such as broccoli and cabbage. Research suggests that one specific constituent of […]

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Natural approaches to Raynaud’s disease and poor circulation

England’s triumphant World Cup campaign, though glorious, brought back a few painful memories of my own endeavours on the rugby pitch. Playing out on the wing, I was generally spared any bone-crushing and blood-spilling injuries, but do recall spending many a winter’s afternoon perishing with cold while waiting for play to come my way. I […]

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Natural approaches to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Even in my relatively brief time as a doctor I have witnessed the rise to prominence of previously rare conditions including hyperactivity, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome. Another contemporary condition, and one which I seem to be seeing in increasing numbers in my practice, is the exclusively female affliction known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). […]

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The health benefits of ginger

A few months ago, I was asked to appear with Nigel Slater on a radio programme to discuss the virtues of juices and smoothies. Nigel whipped up a concoction of his own, and added ginger to this. He described it as the wake-up spice. I had been a fan of vegetable juicing myself, and but […]

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Natural alternatives to HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

Despite soothing reassurances from the medical fraternity, I have had a recent rush of enquiries from women who are more that a little disconcerted to learn that taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can double the risk of breast cancer. Shocking though it may be, this recent research is just part of a pile of evidence […]

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Impotence – is there a natural alternative alternative to Viagra?

Like a lot of people who are plugged into the information superhighway, I get a sizeable quota of unsolicited emails enticing me to part with my hard-earned cash. In amongst the mortgage and loan offers, I have been receiving a growing number of emails plying a trade in Viagra and penis enlargement programmes. So great […]

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Is turmeric the spice of life?

My girlfriend and I recently spent a splendid long weekend with some friends in Devon. We topped off three days of dietary indulgence with a take-away curry. My mate Big Pete reminded me that curry is officially Britain’s favourite food, and suggested that this was reason enough to write a column about it. I’m an […]

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