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Exercise found to bring benefits for frail older individuals

I think it’s probably true to say that the older people get, the less they believe that making some supposedly healthy change to their lifestyle will make a significant difference to their health and wellbeing. If you’ve eaten a particular way for 80 years, I reckon it can be hard for some people to image […]

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Hunter-gatherers most likely to be leaner than us due to differences in diet, not activity

Obesity is essentially unknown in populations that live a traditional ‘hunter-gatherer’ way of life. As is well recognised, it’s different in Westernised populations. Why? Well, one theory, at least, is that hunter-gatherers are much more active, and are burning off more calories than their Western counterparts, which affords them the ability to maintain health weights. […]

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High intensity intermittent exercise helps shift fat and brings many other benefits

A few weeks back I wrote about a study regarding what is often termed ‘high intensity intermittent exercise’ (HIIE). As it names suggests, this form of activity involves blasts of explosive exercise (such as sprinting or cycling) interspersed with periods of much less intense effort. The study I wrote about revealed HIIE to improve running speed in […]

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Walking test found to be a useful predictor of future problems in heart disease patients

Why do doctors insist of checking cholesterol levels and blood pressure in their patients? At least part of the rationale is that these measurements will help identify individuals at heightened risk of things like heart disease and death, and appropriate steps might then be taken to reduce their risk. The value of ‘traditional risk factors’ […]

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Exercise boosts the metabolism? It seems the reverse might be true

I want to preface this post by saying I am a huge advocate of exercise, preferably outside if weather conditions allow. I believe there are physical and psychological benefits to being active, and I even ‘walk the talk’: although I do not run any more, I am a notorious walker and swim regularly. I also […]

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High intensity intermittent exercise helps runners run faster

I’m a fan of exercise, but the way it’s commonly prescribed for weight loss (regular, aerobic activity such as running, cycling or rowing) does not actually appear to be very effective for here. Though, of course, it might be good for other things such as protection from chronic diseases such as heart disease and type […]

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Dr John Briffa and Carl Munson discuss Escape the Diet Trap

In the podcast below, my friend Carl Munson and I discuss my new book Escape the Diet Trap – lose weight for good without calorie-counting, extensive exercise or hunger. More details about the book can be found here. To purchase the book on amazon click here: To purchase the kindle version of the book click […]

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My new book Escape the Diet Trap will be published on 5th January

I am delighted to announce that my new book  – Escape the Diet Trap – will be published in the New Year (5th Jan). The book takes an in-depth scientific look at why ‘eating less and exercising more’ very rarely leads to sustained weight loss. It then explores what works better, with particular emphasis on […]

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Podcast – 9th December 2011

What should we eat before exercise, the impact food has on cholesterol is irrelevant, lower-carb diet best for women with PCOS. For RSS feeds, click onhere.

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What should we eat before exercise? How about nothing?

A few months ago I was chatting with a gentleman who was having difficulty losing weight despite doing ‘all the right things’. Almost every morning he would start the day with a vigorous and quite lengthy exercise session. He would ‘fuel’ this session with a bowl of cornflakes. I suggested he pull back a bit […]

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