Why nutritional variety is the spice of life

Recently, I spent a couple of hours touring Laverstoke Farm – a marvellous 2500 acre organic farm in Hampshire conceived and run by the ex-Formula One king of speed Jodi Scheckter. After a delicious roast lamb lunch, I was packed on my way with a box of organic veg from the farm. I spent the […]

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Pizza a health food? I don’t think so!

With its emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies, fish and olive oil, the Mediterranean diet is generally regarded as an altogether healthy feeding regime, and one that seems to be particularly effective in the warding off heart disease. While I am generally enthusiastic about this is way of eating, I am not so keen on […]

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Easy does it – why serving smaller portions can reduce the risk of us piling on the pounds

The colossal problems we seem to be having with overweight and obesity in the UK are never far from my mind. As a general rule, I encourage those seeking to attain or maintain a healthy weight to put their focus on enhancing the quality of the diet, rather than reducing its quantity. However, it is […]

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What can be done about female hair loss?

If the adverts at the back of mens’ magazines are anything to go by, we male folk are quite commonly concerned about the reduced turgidity of our erections and a fall in the amount of hair on our heads. While women are spared the former issue, they are not entirely immune to the latter: I […]

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Are antioxidant supplements really killing people?

There was seemingly bad news for the supplement-takers recently on the publication of a study in the Lancet which found that supplementing with ‘antioxidant’ nutrients (such beta-carotene, vitamins A, C and E and selenium) appeared not to reduce the risk of cancer in the digestive tract. However, worse was to come when the study authors […]

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Natural remedies for flu

The distinct chill we’ve had in the air of late will inevitably herald the usual seasonal influx of cold and flu. Lest we forget that such wintry infections are on their way, the Government recently launched a high profile media campaign urging those at high risk of flu to get vaccinated against it. However, the […]

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Getting control of diabetes with diet

With its incidence predicted to double over the next decade, diabetes has attracted more medical and media attention of late. Last month, for instance, reports in the press appeared after doctors recommended more regular blood sugar levels checks for diabetics. Diabetes sufferers have also been urged to have more frequent assessment of a blood component […]

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Natural approaches to preventing kidney stones

It is not uncommon for dietary recommendations to be made on the basis of just one or two of a food’s constituents. However, most things that pass our lips are complex chemical concoctions, which means that judging foodstuffs on just a small portion of what they contain may lead to not altogether accurate assessments of […]

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Vitamin D and its role in preventing and treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

The dwindling daylight hours that inevitably come at this time of year are usually viewed with some dread by sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a condition in which a shortage of sun can provoke anything from dark moods to full-blown depression. In addition to the light relief offered by increased exposure to the […]

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Is fruit juice really ‘healthy’?

In previous columns I have been overflowing with enthusiasm for the benefits to be had from drinking water. Many individuals find that keeping fluid levels topped up can stave off feelings of fatigue and lethargy, and research has linked increased water consumption with a reduced risk of a range of conditions including heart disease and […]

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