Natural relief for headaches

Judging by the sheer number of adverts for mind-numbing medications all around us, headaches surely rate as one of the most common everyday ills. Recently, I read a report in which doctors expressed concern that while analgesics may nuke headaches, they also have the capacity for collateral damage in various parts of the body including […]

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Why eating a grain-based diet will do nothing for your ‘vitality’

The relative popularity of low-carbohydrate diets such as ‘Atkins’ has led to slimmer profits for manufacturers of grain-based foods such as bread and pasta. In an effort to stem the loss Britain’s bread, flour and grain industries have recently joined forces to launch a weight loss plan which they have named the ‘Vitality Eating System’. […]

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Is there a natural cure for cellulite?

In my practice I see significant numbers of women who find that the presence of cellulite on their buttocks and thighs really gets under their skin. While it may not be their primary concern, many women are keen to do what they can to rid themselves of the puckered, orange-peely dermal distortion that is characteristic […]

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Can diet help to prevent cancer?

We’ve had a spate of bad news stories about the health of the nation of late, so it is gratifying to read recent reports that deaths due to some forms of cancer (such as those of the breast and colon) are on the wane. However, these glad tidings are somewhat tempered by data which shows […]

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Soft drinks

I have recently returned from a lecture stint in southern Ireland, where the recent ban on smoking in pubs, bars and restaurants was a hot topic of conversation. While I am generally resistant to the idea of Government’s interference in our personal habits, there is actually more than a whiff of evidence that forbidding smoking […]

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Why low-carb may be the way to go for those wanting to lose weight (and keep it off!)

The Government has recently come under considerable criticism for its flabby attitude to the ballooning rates of obesity in the UK. However, even if the politicians weigh into this area, my sense is that reversing our growing epidemic will be akin to turning the Titanic: the situation that we have taken a few decades to […]

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The health benefits of strawberries

The last decade or so has seen me undergo considerable nutritional rehabilitation. The diet pervaded by utter shite that I subsisted on as a student has given way to one consisting largely of natural and unprocessed foods. In recent times I have also become inclined to be more choosy not just about what food I […]

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The benefits of breast feeding

The food conglomerate Nestl√© has for some time attracted some criticism for its marketing of baby milk formulas in the third world, where the diarrhoeal diseases caused by the making up of such feeds with contaminated water are believed to be a significant cause of infant mortality. Recent news reports have suggested that it is […]

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Is cholesterol really the ‘killer’ it is made out to be?

It’s a widely held belief that high cholesterol poses significant hazards to our health, and that trimming the level of this fat in the bloodstream can only help to ensure that life goes on. Food companies seem to have been particularly keen to feed this notion, and offer us an ever-expanding range of spreads, milks, […]

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Omega-3 fats show promise in the treatment of depression

Recent years have seen medical journal editors become increasingly critical of certain goings-on in the world of pharmaceutical research. One dubious practice that has received some attention of late is the tendency for drug companies to publish and publicise positive studies on their products, while at the same time ‘burying’ less encouraging data. An example […]

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