Doctors say ‘detox’ diets are worthless – are they right?

While nutritional medicine has enjoyed growing acceptance amongst doctors over the last decade or so, certain factions within the medical establishment remain somewhat sceptical about the health benefits naturally-oriented approaches may offer. An example of this appeared in last month’s edition of the title Food Technology, in the form of an article entitled ‘Detox Diets […]

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Most of us love a barbeque, but could chargrilled meat represent a serious hazard to our health?

I welcome the opportunity the summer weather occasionally to let the caveman out in me through the stoking up of the barbecue for the cooking of flesh-based foods. I believe this particular form of alfresco eating appeals to my most basic instincts, but am also aware that it is not without risk: it is well […]

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Is iron essential for the bonding of mother and baby?

While pregnancy and the life it creates is a wonderful thing, it can also be a significant nutritional drain on the mother. One nutrient that pregnancy can leave a woman short on is iron, and I was interested to read a report recently regarding the impact of this mineral has on the bonding of new […]

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What can be done to prevent our supper from making its presence felt in the night?

While a good evening meal can send us to bed in a satisfied and contented state, it can also be that our last supper may make it’s presence felt later in the form of acid indigestion and heartburn. A recent study in the American medical journal Chest has revealed that one factor that appears to […]

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A dulled sense of smell is a common problem – what natural approaches are there for this condition?

I was interested to read recently of a recently developed diagnostic tool for doctors – the artificial nose. Scientists at Strathclyde University have come up with a device that has the ability to detect odours characteristic of a variety of medical conditions. Learning of this new-fangled gadget reminded me of a story my mother once […]

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Even Medical Journals are Capable of Chruning out Bad Press

The bulk of the evidence shows that popping of vitamin and mineral pills is generally safe and has the potential to benefit the body. However, despite this, stories do occasionally surface which suggest that nutritional supplements are, at best, useless, and at worst, may actually increase our susceptibility to illness. My experience is that the […]

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Does red meat really cause colon cancer?

Red meat has almost certainly featured in the human diet for a large portion of our evolution, and its primal nature is one reason why I believe this food can assume some place within a ‘healthy’ diet of today. However, I am well aware that red meat is usually viewed as distinctly unhealthy fare, and […]

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Do ‘healthy’ bacteria have a role in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Last week I focused on how reactions to specific foods can precipitate the undesirable gut feelings collectively known as ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ (IBS). While IBS is commonly triggered by food sensitivity, this condition can also be related to other internal issues. One other frequent underlying factor in IBS concerns the microbes that reside within the […]

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Avoiding certain foods can really help the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

While my career path veered away from orthodoxy more than a decade ago, I remain a regular reader of the British Medical Journal. One thing I like about this particular publication is it’s ability to email-alert me to any nutritionally-related content. Recently, the BMJ published an editorial on the management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) […]

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Natural treatment for restless legs syndrome (RLS)

A recent report from Surrey University informs us that British women get significantly less sleep than their male counterparts. This may not come as too much of a surprise bearing in mind that it is usually mums, rather than dads, who provide the bulk of child-care duties during the night. However, it turns out that […]

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