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6 Essentials to Emotional Health and Happiness

Optimal health and well-being are not only the product of physical behaviours, but our mental behaviours and attitudes too. Our thoughts, and whether these are essentially positive or negative in nature, have an obvious impact on how we feel about ourselves, our lives and others. This not only has a bearing on our sense of […]

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6 Essentials to Physical Health and Wellbeing

Our physical health and well-being is influenced by an enormous array of factors. However, the vast majority of health issues can be tracked back to a relatively small number of factors and imbalances.

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My love-hate relationship with dairy products

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with dairy products. I love, generally speaking, how they taste. I also like the fact that dairy products (e.g. cream, cheese) are relatively rich in protein and fat, and (importantly) not so rich in carbohydrate. Their nutritional profile is, therefore, kinda in line with ‘primal’ foods such […]

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Is eating less saturated fat and more carb good for the heart? Actually, the reverse may be true.

If you want to cut your risk of heart disease, reduce intake of saturated fat and eat more carbohydrate. That’s what most doctors, dieticians and Governments would have us believe. So it must be true, right? It’s a message we’ve heard a thousand times, so surely is based on sound science? So what does happen […]

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Random acts of kindness: an update

On Christmas day last year I blogged not about health, as such, but about random acts of kindness. I had a few days earlier witness a random act of kindness in an underground station. I was so touched by the experience, that I resolved making at least one random act of kindness my New Year […]

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Lack of sleep can cause people to overeat

In my blog yesterday I mentioned how a carbohydrate-rich diet can drive some people to overeat. High-carb foods tend to disrupt blood sugar levels in a way that can lead to episodes of low blood sugar that itself can trigger cravings for further carb-rich fare. Also, carbohydrate has relatively limited capacity to sate the appetite […]

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Could advising people to eat less and exercise more INCREASE their risk of getting fatter?

Some time ago one of my blogs focused on the thoughts of Dr Andrew Wadge – Chief Scientist at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK. The blog specifically focused on his broadside at ‘detox’ regimes. I can understand that someone may be a bit sceptical of such regimes. However, if Dr Wadge wishes […]

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