Podcast – 2nd December 2011

Low-carb diets seem to be good for cancer, aspirin largely ineffective for heart disease prevention (just like statins), questions raised over role of HDL-cholesterol in cardiovascular disease.

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One Response to Podcast – 2nd December 2011

  1. Stan 3 December 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    So very interesting, the whole Podcast.
    As a relative layman medically, and Type 2 Diabetic, I have been using a fairly low-carb diet of about 20-40 grms. a day,for 6 years now, and have kept free of any drug treatment, with corresponding good numbers.
    But my senses point me the the feeling that people who have Cardio-vascular problems, cancer, Diabetes, so called High cholesterol and some other complaints, are usually guided away from ‘unhealthy’ Meats, Cheeses eggs etc. and told to eat plenty of ‘Healthy’ carbs., like Bread, pasta, potatoes etc., myself included. My Diabetic nurse almost goes into panic mode when I mention my Diet.
    Let’s hope our craze for everything sweet and over-convienient, goes away and leads
    to a generally healthier population, even if it hits Pharmaceutical sales.
    Again, good eye-opener Podcast, Stan

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