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A New Year’s resolution idea: just add water

I sat down two days ago with some ambition to write a blog post (or two). In the end I did not write a word. Why? As I explained to my girlfriend, ‘my brain wasn’t working’. Try as I might, I found the whole idea of writing anything cogent too much. I did a quick […]

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Is now the time to target sweet foodstuffs in your diet?

For some time now evidence has linked the consumption of sugar and adverse health effects including raised blood pressure, increased inflammation, weight gain, and unhealthy changes in blood fats. The three most plentiful sugars in the diet are fructose, glucose and sucrose. A molecule of sucrose – table sugar – contains one molecule each of […]

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Higher magnesium intakes associated with a reduced risk of stroke

‘Stroke’ is a term used to describe the manifestation of death in part of the brain. It most common occurs as a result of blocking off in one or more arteries – these are called ‘ischaemic’ stokres. More rarely, strokes can be caused by arteries bleeding into the brain (so-called ‘haemorrhagic’ strokes). Earlier this week […]

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My new book Escape the Diet Trap will be published on 5th January

I am delighted to announce that my new book  – Escape the Diet Trap – will be published in the New Year (5th Jan). The book takes an in-depth scientific look at why ‘eating less and exercising more’ very rarely leads to sustained weight loss. It then explores what works better, with particular emphasis on […]

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Is there such a thing as a ‘safe starch’?

Every so often the nutrition blogosphere explodes with interest and much-fevered writing about a topic for debate. Not so long ago, I wrote about one such example which broadly concerned whether ‘low-carb’ or a diet of low ‘food reward’ was more valid for the purposes of weight loss and enhanced health. As with practically everything, […]

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Enjoy your food (but not too much)

I shop for food quite regularly, and so does my girlfriend. We hardly ever shop together, though. When my girlfriend asks me what we need I may have a few ideas but almost always end with this refrain: “Please don’t buy much s**t, because I’ll eat it.” I don’t have a great deal of self-control, […]

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Podcast – 16th December 2011

Anti-’detox’ stance is unscientific and defies common sense, calcium and vitamin D may help rid the body of toxic fat, fever appears to rev up the immune system. For RSS feeds, click onhere.

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Calcium and vitamin D supplementation can help body rid itself of ‘toxic’ fat

I am a big believer in keeping our diet based on foods that are as natural and unprocessed as possible. For me, the core foods (if we are happy to eat them) should be meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. I’m not a huge fan of milk, on the basis that I find […]

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Fever appears to rev up the immune system

Let’s imagine you’re walking around barefoot and stub your big toe hard on the leg of a table. It hurts. That’s a pain (quite literally), but at least it’s telling you you’ve done something you might want to avoid doing too often. And should that pain persist in the form of inflammation, there’s a chance […]

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Anti ‘detox’ stance is unscientific and defies common sense

I came across this story today. It’s based on an article written by Professor David Bender – a nutritional biochemist. His article, which appeared in the journal The Biologist, apparently debunks detoxification regimes. They’re worthless and unscientific, apparently. The body, we’re assured, already has efficient detox systems (including the liver) that efficiently eliminates toxins and […]

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